05 February 2011

Make You Smile

I meet up with my boyfriend yesterday. It was so much fun! We haven't seen each other for two weeks, so I'm full of energy yesterday. We ate at Banapple and we're planning to eat at Boncho next time. While at home and fixing myself. =) 

While waiting for him, our friend AJ took a photo of me while listening to Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine.

And then he came. ;)

We ate at a Chinese fast food restaurant (Chow King), we want it to go but then we thought it would be hassle to bring wrappers.

Here's a photo of us. =)

And here is Mystica. HAHAHA! He was teasing me that the beanie I wanna buy look just like Mystica's.

Yeahhhh, we're sooo in-love, la la la la looooove! <3 



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