22 December 2010

Food Fest Day

Last Sunday (December 19, 2010) Babe and I went out for a dinner in Megamall. It was just a spur of the moment decision we made while we were talking on the phone. Since we had the whole day off and we miss each other so much. Hahaha. We went to Samsung first because his mobile phone's WiFi isn't working, I took  a photo while he was talking with the sales clerk.

And then I saw this gorgeous Victorian style dining set, couch and other stuffs you decorate in your house. I want all of these in my future home!

This one is very laid-back.

And then we went to Tong Yang to have early dinner. It's a Shabu-Shabu restaurant where they have this huge table and you can get pretty much everything you wanna eat (oh well, it is an eat all you can restaurant) and then cook it on your table. Like 

While waiting for available table (I timed it and it took us exactly 44 minutes!) we took photos (our crazy, usual selves) to kill time. Well, whenever I'm with him everything's not so boring after all. Hihi. <3

One of my favorite shot.

We first picked foods that we don't eat often and then save our favorite for later (like Lamb and Chicken meat) then we cooked it! But I have a question though, have you guys ever experience having soo many food in front of you and you're so hungry (like you haven't eaten the entire day) but when you stare at the food being cooked and all, you got so overwhelmed with its beautiful colors and delicious smell you felt like you're full already? That's what happened to me that night! Look how beautiful they are:

It's pretty much everything your doctors will warn you not to eat, right?

Here's my plate, I tried not to eat too much rice. I had three spoonful, so that I would still have appetite for dessert. I didn't took photo of what my dessert look like but Babe said mine's look disgusting becauseI had Mocha Ice Cream with chocolates on top filled with cream milk. 

After dinner, we went to Forever21 (again) and I bought myself a new shoes (AGAIN!) Babe said next time I should think twice before splurging on things I don't need, he said I still have new shoes that I just bought last week and haven't got the chance to wear because there's no particular occasion to attend to. Oh well, like what they said, a girl can naver have too many shoes. Hahaha. :) Which brings me to the photo above this, it's Manny Pacquiao's new Victorinox limited edition watch, I'm not a fan of him but Babe is, and he wants to save money to buy it. It costs 26,000 pesos! I think that's way too big amount of money for a watch.

And look how many people are there in Megamall last week, late Christmas shoppers I guess?



18 December 2010

The 22nd Anniversary Special

So my parents have been married for twenty two years already. I'm twenty-one so that makes their relationship a year older than me. we had dinner last night at Halamanan in Tanay, Rizal. we love the food there because it serves Pinoy dishes plus the fact that they cook the food really, really yummy! (I don't wanna think that they're putting Aji Ginisa hahaha)

So here's my Mom and Dad, have you noticed my mom's holding my Dad's hand? Sweet. <3

My Mom and I are choosing from their bestseller.

My sister and my Mom, I took this photo and I like it too.

My Mom couldn't decide between Blueberry Cheesecake and Chocolate cake so she ordered both.

Patty and I, we got curious over the well but really, it's only 8 feet tall. Well, it is for architectural purposes anyway.

Mom and Dad again. Sorry for the overexposure shot.

The many faces of Ccinki and Patty. 

I do have a long tongue.

They sure love posing for cameras. :)

I like this photo because my boyfriend said I look 'thin' here. Hahaha. :)

I especially like the next four photos, it's really my favorite.

THE FOOD. I loved and hate it. Why? Because it made me eat. =| And I'm on a diet right now, I hate my parents for forcing me to eat that night. But I'm happy just the same because at least now I know how to control my appetite. Ha! I only had 3 spoonful of rice and just chow on Chopseuy!

As they said, home is where the heart is! I just love my happy family, we're so close. Happy 22nd anniversary again Mom and Dad! I love you. <3

17 December 2010

Obsession of a Good Girl

I'm such a huge fan of big bags! And Long Champ makes me go crazy right now, here are the designd I'd like to have!!

Mine is purple, he!

 I especially love this one!

Santa please bring me all these on the 24th. I've been a very good girl!