10 December 2010

Divisoria Invasion

One word: Divisoria. Okaaay. It's a noun but to Filipinos Divisoria is equals to shopping paradise!! My mom and I went there last December 07. We bought Christmas gifts for my cousins and her friends, because giving money is much more stressful. =) Too bad I didn't take a photo of what I wore that day cause I didn't bring Chloe (my DSLR) because I know it's gonna be one hell of a shopping mayhem with my favorite shopping buddy. (Haha.) To describe it, I wore gray stir-ups tights, Purple oversized men's V-Neck shirt and a flip-flop. Heels are not advisable please! And look what I got for myself:

FitFlop, not authentic but still cute! I got it for 300 bucks. =)

Leather belt for 130 bucks.

Dress, I will use this on December 23rd, my friend's wedding at Shangri-La Hotel. Would you believe I just got this dress for 400 bucks? What a treat! My favorite:

Purple Long Champ backpack. I'm loving Long Champ right now! I wanna have Zebra print oversized bag ala Kate Moss.

My hot pink/stuff scarf! For 100 bucks? This is definitely my favorite, now I can go boho or laid back, whatever suits my mood. =)

So does it make you wanna go hit the Philippines? 

Cartwheels, Pinwheels, Waterwheels

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