18 December 2010

The 22nd Anniversary Special

So my parents have been married for twenty two years already. I'm twenty-one so that makes their relationship a year older than me. we had dinner last night at Halamanan in Tanay, Rizal. we love the food there because it serves Pinoy dishes plus the fact that they cook the food really, really yummy! (I don't wanna think that they're putting Aji Ginisa hahaha)

So here's my Mom and Dad, have you noticed my mom's holding my Dad's hand? Sweet. <3

My Mom and I are choosing from their bestseller.

My sister and my Mom, I took this photo and I like it too.

My Mom couldn't decide between Blueberry Cheesecake and Chocolate cake so she ordered both.

Patty and I, we got curious over the well but really, it's only 8 feet tall. Well, it is for architectural purposes anyway.

Mom and Dad again. Sorry for the overexposure shot.

The many faces of Ccinki and Patty. 

I do have a long tongue.

They sure love posing for cameras. :)

I like this photo because my boyfriend said I look 'thin' here. Hahaha. :)

I especially like the next four photos, it's really my favorite.

THE FOOD. I loved and hate it. Why? Because it made me eat. =| And I'm on a diet right now, I hate my parents for forcing me to eat that night. But I'm happy just the same because at least now I know how to control my appetite. Ha! I only had 3 spoonful of rice and just chow on Chopseuy!

As they said, home is where the heart is! I just love my happy family, we're so close. Happy 22nd anniversary again Mom and Dad! I love you. <3


  1. Awww my parents had their 22nd Anniversary(on the 10th) too! How sweeeeet. :D

    P.S. You don't LOOK thin on that picture cos you ARE thin!:)

  2. Thanks Kym! They're both celbrating 22nd anniversary!

    I still feel fat, but thank you anyway. :)