26 July 2010

Okaaay. I promised you guys I will be posting soon, but you know, I have a lot of things to do for the past two days. First, remember I told you guys that I have to go to SemiCon to pick up my Digital Camera and now I have it. :) Here's a picture of my mom and I plus the employee there (he insist that he's a regular 'extra' on the TV show 'Momay')

Thanks for fixing my camera! :)

After that, my mom and I went to Sta. Lucia mall to wait for my sister, Patty. While waiting she took a picture of me just to make sure that thee camera is REALLY working (Okay. OC much? :P)

I suggested that we eat yogurt at California Berry and Since I'm on a diet right now, instead of my usual order of toppings which is composed of chocolates (Well.. Who doesn't love chocolates? C'mon!) I picked peaches, cherry, kiwi, and strawberry (I have to resist the temptation, I know. Sigh!) We also bought magazines at Filbar's. Good thing I remembered I need body scrub, body mitt and oil control film. I love Baby Bench's Colonia cologne so I bought one too. :) When Patty came we ate at Kenny Roger's and went home after eating.

Then sunday came and Patrick and I really planned to meet up. So he went over at my place. Look:

He brought me a cute blue dress and brownies (I can't eat it :s), which Babe, Patty and Dessa ate half of it already in one sitting! We just lounge around, watched UAAP FEU vs. UP and UST vs. AdU. FEU won and as usual UST lost another game. Nah, I was just teasing him because he's so affected (he's such a big baby :) yet i love him anyway. Ha!) and to tell you honestly, AdU had a tough game with UST! Babe can't stop telling me he missed me. :) He went home at exactly 6:00 PM (Boo! :s)

I'll keep you updated soon!


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