07 January 2011

Day 01 - A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Here's a 30-Day Challenge I got from my Tumblr site. Sooo I hope I would be able to finish this.

I'm so vain, I put two pictures already. Hahaha! Oh well.. 15 interesting facts? Here goes:
  1. I'm a short-tempered person, I get frustrated over small things way easily.
  2. If I were to choose between using my brain or my heart I would definitely choose my heart. I know, I'm a heart person and it can sometimes lead me to wrong decisions.
  3. I am very, very materialistic. I love shoes in different colors, bags (no matter how big or small), CLOTHES! But who doesn't anyway? Whether it'd be thrift store or high end clothes. I want it. Hehe.
  4. A bookworm. Would you believe me if I tell you that I read 67 books last 2010? And my goal is to read 100 books this 2011. FTW.
  5. I can't wait to go to Med School next year!! Yay.
  6. I have tons of girl crushes. Hahaha. Usually, I add or follow them in whatever online accounts they have and look at all their amazing pictures.
  7. My wildest fantasy is to just wake up one morning and be in Paris, France. I don't know anyone and vice-versa. Just to start my life all over again.
  8. I fall in love too easily. Whether it'd be Coffee Crunch cake frappe, beautiful and well-written words or the beautiful sunset. Even the smallest things make me smile. =)
  9. I only have a few circle of friends. I'm not into the popular thing where "I-know-her-friend-who's-friend-with-his-brother's-sister-who-used-to-hang-with-(name)-cousin" (just to give you an idea). I think people with gazillion friends are being hypocrite. Just saying.
  10. Truth hurts, I know, but I like it much better rather than make me feel good and lie.
  11. I can't understand why people adore Lea Michelle (did I spell it right?) or Miley Cyrus. What the Fuck. Just saying.
  12. I'm a coffee kind of person, and I am at my best during the night. Morning, for me, is like hang over on a Monday.
  13. I see myself walking down the aisle someday. Having kids of my own and lots of dogs! I believe true love waits.
  14. Sometimes I confuse myself with my feelings.
  15. I hate dishonest, user, toying with my emotion people, like hate, hate.



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