14 January 2011

Day 02- A picture of you and your friends

Renz, Chel and I just goofing around inside the washroom. 

My bestfriend! Renz and Akiko. The best friend a girl could ever have. @Yellow Cab Katipunan

Its us three, again! At Lancaster Hotel, its our other baby's 20th birthday! Check out the birthday celebrant below.

The birthday celebrant! Jen, the other baby!

At Gerardo's, just chilling out. I brought Chel with me.

Lovies. 'Nuff said

Chel, Bernice and I at Trinoma for our Christmas Partey!

Grade school and High school friends

With my love Chel at men's washroom. Hihi naughty girls, you are!

Renz's despedida, we're now miles / ocean's apart, Sad cheetah. =/

With my loves Camille!!!! Doing her goofy face that never fails to crack everybody up.

Blockies got drunk!

Kaye (my sister from another mother, haha!) I love her to death! At Chillad's drinkinh our ass off. WTF?

 With my roomies / true blue friends Pauline and Bernice at some coffee shop in Trinoma. Lovely, eh?
Below are Kenny, AJ, X minus Kate!

Chel and I waiting for Kamikazee's late night show / gig in Spain!

My babies. Jen and Akiko, aren't they lovely and happy? :)

Camille, Jen and I studying up late!

The threesome girlies at Greenbelt! They're all grown-up. Haha.

At our University. Corny much? I miss these girlies. Beauties definitely with B_____. Make a guess. PM me. 

At Jen's place. Random things we do.

What we love and do best. 

Trying to concentrate in our Pol Sci class but with this bitch around? How could you ever? I love and miss you.



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