21 January 2011

Day 04- Favorite super hero and why

I'm not a big fan of Superheroes, in fact when I was a kid I like Powerpuff Girls and Dexter's Laboratory way better. But its in the checklist sooo.. I googled photos of Superheroes I might like and can't find one, I don't like Wonder Woman because she's so muscle-y (is there such a word??) Then I remember Xena The Warrior Princess! To make things clear, I don't love, love her okay? Its just that Xena reminds me of my childhood days with my dad. We used to watch it on TV5 and was dubbed in Tagalog (Now, I think TV series dubbed in Tagalog are lame. Hehe) My dad and I would snuggle up and watch it, I think it starts from 9:30 PM until 10:00? I'm not sure, but its so late in the evening and my mom would freak out because I'm only 7, and normal seven year olds don't have that kind of sleeping habit. Haha! I can't exactly remember the whole story line but I know her outfit like the back of my hands (Is it the correct idiom? Whatever.) Its like this:

She looks hot here, by the way. (I'm not a lesbo or anything, I just appreciate good looking gals, just saying!)

I love how it was set primarily in ancient Greece but also spins off with Oriental, Egyptian and Medieval times.  And I love Lucy Lawless' eyes, it's so blue (I think it's green sometimes.) it resembles the ocean or the sky! Plus I love her hair, the bangs and it's so black. Maybe they just dyed it for the TV show's sake.

This is her weapon of choice, it was called a Chakram, kinda like a Frisbee. Back then it was all cool for me but now I think it's so lame. (I'm acting all cool now, huh?)

I have a question though, why are Superheroes (women) always flaunt their abs and wear skimpy skirts?!

I also watched The Simpsons episode of Desperately Xeeking Xena

Knowing me, I'm a big fan of The Simpsons, I think its the funniest TV Cartoon Show ever created!

Love, C\


  1. you're so uhm like coo so fucking coo??? WTF

    constantly competing for that one moment of self aggrandizing fame

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